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The Footsteps range of ergonomic management workstations: correct ergonomics, modern aesthetics, sturdy construction and good value, in total harmony.

What ergonomic principles have Van de Lente designers worked upon in developing the Footsteps workstation range? Correct ergonomics dictate that the shape and size of a workstation should correspond closely to the anatomy and size of the human body. No particular effort, strain or psychological stress should be required in the work process.

Van de Lente designers had to incorporate these principles in their workstation development, along with an additional prerequisite; appealing aesthetics. The Footsteps workstations had to be ergonomically correct, functional, sturdy, but also a pleasure to look at.

Footsteps workstations are immediately recognised by the curvilinear shapes of their surfaces. The operator is seated in a dominant central position, in total command of all office equipment (computer, printer, telephone, stationery ) placed cyclically within arm's length. No need for relocation within the workspace and no strain or stress during the work process. The availability of a surface height-adjustment system further contributes to an optimal posture according to individual body built.

It must be stressed that the use of an equally ergonomic chair, with multiple adjustment capabilities is essential in the creation of an optimal ergonomic environment. This is the reason Van de Lente has equipped *all* its office chairs with the advanced Synchro Ergonomic system. This provides for multiple adjustments (seat inclination, backrest inclination, backrest up-down, seat height ). The combination of an ergonomic desk along with an ergonomic chair may only provide in tandem a truly ergonomic workspace.

All Footsteps workstations are designed for computer use and extensive cable management facilities are part of their standard equipment. They are distinguished by their construction excellence, a notable characteristic of all Van de Lente furniture. Work surfaces are made of high quality scratchproof and chemically resistant melamine, in wood-grain relief simulation and excellent resistance to daily wear. Legs are height adjustable, made of extruded aluminium, with heavy steel disc bases, finished in scratchproof acrylic electrostatic paint. Drawer pedestals (either mobile or floor based ) are equipped with Anti-Tilt safety system, high quality metal drawers running on ball-beating silent guides, and security lock.

A further advantage of the Footsteps range is its ability to transform easily into a panel-based configuration. Workstations may be easily combined and assembled in multiples for optimal space utilisation. Partitions of many sizes (length, height ) are available as well as suspended filing cabinets in many sizes.

The Footsteps range has combined in an optimal way correct ergonomics with appealing modern aesthetics, sturdy construction as well as an excellent quality-to-value ratio allowing for the creation of an ideally comfortable and pleasant work environment.

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